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The Art of Cleansing

by Clemency Alice | February 09, 2024

Cleansing is a ritual that can often be rushed. Yet it is a most valuable step in ensuring that your serums and creams are correctly and efficiently absorbed. For centuries, cleansing rituals for geishas symbolize both transformation and purification. The cleansing gesture prepares geishas mentally and physically in maintaining poise and elegance. The process of cleansing serves as a form of relaxation, allowing geishas to focus on their duties and maintain a calm, composed demeanor.

Which is what is the inspiration behind the Balm of EncensI wanted to create a cleanser that makes one want to slow down and take... ones... time.. A cleansing balm that is soft textured and sensorial and as it is warmed on the skin, that the natural botanical aromatics are released both through the skin and through the senses. With its aroma of ceremonial frankincense, sweet myrrh and warm honey, the Balm of Encens can be massaged to the skin for three minutes before being removed and then reapplied and infused with a steamed hot compress.

Fragrant twirls of Frankincense
Rise dreamily, intoxicating my senses,
Its warm & musky embrace,
Enticing and mesmerizing me-
And I feel I could touch the heavens!

From 'Frankincense', by Pragya Deb Burman

The Red Kimono, c.1893 by G.H. Breitner

Sakura 桜

by Clemency Alice | October 20, 2022

In our garden, the blossom of the cherry covers the entire tree in such a rich profusion, some of the branches elegantly bending towards the ground with the weight of the dusky pink flowers and scattering a shower of these petals - reminiscent of a gentle fall of snow - as they are splashed with sunlight.

The season of the cherry blossom tree is short-lived and what will soon remain is a soft carpet of scattered petals. The scent of the sakura is so faint and when crushing the leaves, they release a green and bitter fragrance. I am captivated by the trees billowy petals and am inspired to create a soft petaled pink rose cream which reflects the trees rosy blossoms.

Photography by Clemency