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Lessons Learnt on Beauty & Travel

by Clemency Alice | November 18, 2015

This year I learnt some valuable 'in-flight' lessons on how to maintain your 'beauty glow'. Since flying is super dehydrating and plays a heavy toll on your skin, it's important to put in that extra effort to ensure that your skin looks fresh, glowing and rested, especially during those long-haul flights:

Take a chlorophyll supplement during the flight. This increases oxygenation of skin cells and its alkalising & antioxidant properties assist in preventing damage to the DNA.

(My love of perfume is thrown into the beauty mix here). Pack your favourite small bottle of perfume and dab onto pulse points. This sensory 'pick-me-up' will keep you smelling fragrant & fresh.

Hydrate from within. Drink refreshing coconut water before you travel. The antioxidants & cytokinins (promotes cell division) in coconut water have a hydrating, anti-ageing effect on the skin. During those long-haul flights, keep up your water intake to maintain a healthy radiant glow.

A silk, lavender scented eye mask makes a perfect in-flight accessory to ensure you get your Beauty Sleep along the way.

Soak your skin using a soft cloth, press rose flower water to your skin then lock in the moisture with a delicate rose face oil. 

Keep moving. If your flight is in the afternoon, schedule in some time for a revitalising, energetic walk outdoors amongst nature. For those early morning flights, practice an online Ballet Beautiful Cardio Class to awaken the body & give your skin a luminescent glow.

Soaking Ritual 101

by Clemency Alice | October 22, 2015

For a few years I have incorporated 'soaking' as part of my daily skincare ritual. I was first introduced to this a few years ago in Sydney, when receiving training from celebrity facialist Sharon McGlinchey. Prior to this, cleansing was just a quick step in the morning...slap on some cleanser, a dab of this and a dash of that. But I learnt that just taking - that - time  each morning is an invaluable tool for maintaining an ultra-hydrated, soft & supple, radiant skin. A vital secret in keeping your skin healthy and supporting your outmost layers natural protection is to wet the skin and lock it in. This maximises your skins ability to absorb the plant actives from your favourite facial oil or moisturiser. 

Soaking Method* : Fill your basin with approximately 2cm of warm water. Add a few drops of chamomile or lavender essence to the basin and swirl the water round with your fingertips. Immerse your soaking cloth in the water then wring out excess water and hold the soaking cloth over your face for a slow count of 5. Re-immerse the cloth in the water and repeat this step 3 to 4 times. Once your skin is fully saturated, lock that moisture in with your flower water and face oil.

Here are some basic tips when doing the Soaking Ritual at home:

  • Do not rush. This is a soothing, nurturing procedure that alows your skin to fully absorb the moisture & creates valuable time-out for you.
  • Have all your skincare products within reach to allow a smooth seamless flow between steps.
  • When pressing the warm aromatic cloth into the skin, take some slow, deep breaths. This will both calm the body and ensure that your skin has thoroughly absorbed the moisture from the compress.
  • Avoid having the water temperature too hot. Especially if you have a tendency towards sensitivity, since this can weaken the capillary walls and aggravate the skin. 
  • Do not allow the skin to dry. You want to immediately lock in the moisture with your skin-loving plant actives. Remember, wet the skin and lock it in.

*Note: This step can be performed in the morning instead of your usual cleanse and in the evening post-cleanse. 

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Inhale. Exhale.

by Clemency Alice | November 27, 2014

With all the activities, events, social commitments, work demands and deadlines leading up to Christmas, we can become more breathless and out of sync, forgetting to take valuable time out for ourselves. Aromatherapy creates moments, a 'breathing space' and makes us feel that little bit more zen. Just the simple action of inhaling an aromatheraputic essence balances our internal rhythm, slows down our train of thought and a sense of stability and wellness takes over.

I have recently discovered the 'Tata Harper Skincare' Aromatic Treatments (Cue sigh) and in between facial clients, I dispense some on the palm of my hand and inhale ~ exhale. Along with becoming a handbag essential, Tata Harper's Aromatic Stress Treatment is a valuable little yoga companion and as I sweep my arms up towards the ceiling, gentle wafts of Frankincense, Rose Otto and Orange Blossom put me into that focused, relaxed state of mind. 

The Clemency Alice Home Fragrance signature blend "Bloom" (diffused in the Treatment Room and Relax Lounge) was inspired by the blossoming Spring buds of flowers that I would muse over during my early morning walks. This is a fragrant, crisp, revitalising blend combining fresh floral notes of Geranium with fruity, uplifting citrus top notes of Lime, Petitgrain and Lemon Verbena. When I have just a few drops remaining, I remove the lid and arrange the bottle in my drawer amongst my cashmeres and cottons. 


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