Lessons Learnt on Beauty & Travel

by Clemency Alice | November 18, 2015

This year I learnt some valuable 'in-flight' lessons on how to maintain your 'beauty glow'. Since flying is super dehydrating and plays a heavy toll on your skin, it's important to put in that extra effort to ensure that your skin looks fresh, glowing and rested, especially during those long-haul flights:

Take a chlorophyll supplement during the flight. This increases oxygenation of skin cells and its alkalising & antioxidant properties assist in preventing damage to the DNA.

(My love of perfume is thrown into the beauty mix here). Pack your favourite small bottle of perfume & dab onto pulse points. This sensory 'pick-me-up' will keep you smelling fragrant & fresh.

Hydrate from within. Drink refreshing coconut water before you travel. The antioxidants & cytokinins (promotes cell division) in coconut water have a hydrating, anti-ageing effect on the skin. During those long-haul flights, keep up your water intake to maintain a healthy radiant glow.

A silk, lavender scented eye-mask makes a perfect in-flight accessory to ensure you get your Beauty Sleep along the way.

Soak your skin using a soft cloth, spritz your skin with a refreshing floral mist, then lock in the moisture with a rose fresh gel serum (opt for serums containing plant-based hyaluronic acid). Then massage your favourite moisturiser into the skin using invigorating, stimulating movements.

Keep moving. If your flight is in the afternoon, schedule in some time for a revitalising, energetic walk outdoors amongst nature. For those early morning flights, practice an online Ballet Beautiful Cardio Class to awaken the body & give your skin a luminescent glow.

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