Clemency Alice's training in classical piano, appreciation of ballet and art, fascination with biochemistry and her background in Aromascience are all an inspiration of what has led Clemency Alice here today.

In 2015, she visited Paris to further her knowledge and gained insight and inspiration through her visits to exclusive perfume houses and luxury spas. She is a beauty writer for Style NZ and her articles have been featured online in Miss FQ. She works in her seaside-based atelier, utilising the highest quality botanical essences and organic extracts sourced from all around the world and developing the Clemency Alice luxury skincare collection - with an intricate story weaved behind each product, "artisan blended and created in small batches to ensure its freshness and quality". In 2018 Clemency Alice received the Editor's Choice - Beauty Shortlist Awards for the new release Rosa Camelia Face Oil, judged by a team of beauty experts from London, New York and Sydney.