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Clemency Alice Facial Therapy is currently available at the Clemency Alice seaside atelier based in Sumner, Christchurch and just a 30 second walk to the sea. Continue the relaxation benefits post-treatment with a gentle walk along the beach.


CLEMENCY ALICE SIGNATURE FACIAL                                    

Customized with Clemency Alice active, vitamin and mineral enriched masks, intensive collagen and antioxidant rich skin boosters, plant and marine synergies and serums, artisan flower infused treatment oils, this 'made-to-measure' facial treatment addresses your skin's changing needs and concerns. Created by Clemency to address all skin types and combining unique traditional Japanese and CA sculpting massage techniques, your complexion will be restored and rejuvenated. Includes a French steam of 'five essences' biophotonic water.

60 mins / $185


HERO FACIAL                                                                                

This restorative, results-focused facial ritual combines an intense infusion of Clemency Alice premium marine botanical face elixirs, active botanical extracts, intensive cosmeceutical and active serums, customised hand blended masks and specialised Japanese and CA sculpting facial and French lymphatic drainage massage techniques to suit your skin type and needs. Includes a French steam of 'five essences' biophotonic water and a unique Clemency Alice sculpting facial massage to eliminate toxins, boost the circulation, tone the facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin. 

80 mins / $220



An intensive age-defying LED light rejuvenating treatment to promote collagenesis and elastin production. Begin with aromatic 'five essences' compress for relaxation care then a double cleanse with Camellia Micellar Water. Collagen-infused mini treatment to compliment the rejuvenating collagen boosting effects of the Light Therapy treatment. Pressure point application of Clemency Alice's signature triple-rose stem cell serum activated with antioxidant Vitamin C. Comfort with the CA salon exclusive marine botanical face elixir and Camomile creme. Includes a French steam of biophotonic rose water.

40 mins / $135



Enhance the Clemency Alice Signature Facial Treatment with the rejuvenating, anti-ageing LED light therapy. Includes a hand & arm or foot relaxation massage treatment.

Add-on / $85


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