Damascena Luminous Serum + Vitamin C Pure


Damascena Luminous Serum + Vitamin C Pure

Size: Serum 30ml / Vitamin C Pure 3.8g (Image Coming Soon)

Blueprint: The award winning DAMASCENA LUMINOUS SERUM is a luxuriously fresh, aromatic rose face and eye serum imbued with age-defying Swiss apple stem cell, brightening Japanese pearl extract and triple rose complex and is formulated with 16 active ingredients to provide deep hydration and luminosity to the complexion. Complete with antioxidant date palm extract, skin plumping micro-molecular hyaluronic and humectant artisane eau de rose. Gently infused with organic aromatherapeutic botanical essences esteemed for their healing and hydrating properties. An essential luminous rose face serum for makeup artists, long haul travel, air conditioned environments and post-sun.                 
Efficacy: Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and delicate skins. A delicate, beautifying rose serum that restores and rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a silky smoothed skin like rose petals. Multitasks as a soothing elixir around the eyes.

Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Sulfate-Free, Phthalate-free.

The Ritual: Apply one generous pearl drop to the fingertips, inhale for an aroma experience, then press to a cleansed damp skin. Lock in moisture with the Rosa Camelia Face Oil. Can be applied over makeup for a luminous glow. Use morning and evening. 

Insider Tips: To use as a makeup primer, press a small amount to a skin moistened with Rosa Persiana Face Dew then immediately apply liquid foundation mixed with one drop of the Rosa Camelia Face Oil. 

The Scent: A dewy fresh exquisite rose reminiscent of an evening flâneur in a flowering rosarium.

Country of Origin: New Zealand

The micro-fine Japanese VITAMIN C PURE will enhance your Damascena Luminous Serum to promote collagen production and will brighten, protect, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  Before each use, gently tap the vial underneath, then remove the lid and tilt the vial horizontally at an angle to the side. Gently tap a small amount of contents into the palm of your opposite hand.* Then add 2-3 generous pearl drops of the DAMASCENA LUMINOUS SERUM and blend until the VITAMIN C PURE has dissolved into the serum. Apply the blended mix directly to the face and neck, targeting areas of concern first ie. pimentation, wrinkles. 

*NOTE : This is designed to be used only with the Damascena Luminous Serum. Due to its UV absorbant and antioxidant properties, it is most effective when used in the morning. IT IS NOT recommended to be combined with any other products. 

Country of Origin : Japan


Type: Unknown Type    
Vendor: Clemency Alice
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