Clemency Alice


Clemency Alice Award Winning artisanal luxurious collection utilizing the highest quality organic, natural botanical extraits, pure plant medicinal essences and precious flower oils - with an intricate story weaved behind each product. The ingredients of the face care products are extracted from plants and made from natural essential oils, floral waxes, marine bio-actives, Eau de Rose and plant stem cells which restore, comfort and protect the skin from external environmental aggressors and supports the skin to return to its balanced health.

The signature Camomile Cold Cream - with exclusive Five Flower Complex, French Camomile and rose petal extrait - is a deliciously rich nourishing cream that provides comfort to dry and delicate skins. Inspiration was drawn from her Grandmother's beautiful complexion and the daily ritual application of her Cold Cream.  

The fruit seeds of Japanese Camellia Oil - 'The Rose of Winter'  is the signature stamp in this exquisite collection and is esteemed for its beautifying complexion properties. Camellia Oil is a beauty secret of the Geisha.

Hand blended in New Zealand, combining innovation with traditional methods and created in small quantities to ensure its freshness and purity. 

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