Bee Cream


Bee Cream 

"A seasonal cocoon care with a luxurious soft texture and soft scent."

Size: 50ml

Blueprint: BEE CREAM by MATIS provides comfort and care for devitalized skin. At the heart of the formula, preciously protected in its glass case is a super ingredient royal jelly (also called 'milk of bees') - which is considered one of the most nutritious substances present in nature with more than 134 nutrients, including 17 amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D and K. This delicate cocooning cocktail helps regenerate the skin and wrap it in comfort and serenity. Limited Edition as it is harvested only once per year. 

Efficacy: For all skin types including delicate skins. It will reduce the signs of aging and fatigue, smoothing wrinkles, improving the firmness of your skin and restoring its youthful, radiant look. 

The Ritual: Apply morning and evening onto face, neck and décolleté

Country of Origin: France

Type: Moisturiser    
Vendor: Clemency Alice
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