Compress Face Cloth


Compress Face Cloth

Size: Large

Blueprint: Soft-textured and lightweight, the Clemency Alice 100% organic muslin cloth has a beautiful delicate woven finish.

Efficiacy: The luxuriously soft muslin cloth can be used to enhance your Clemency Alice cleansing experience, to either remove or infuse your selected Clemency Alice treatment cleanser (treatment cleansers soon available online).

Insider Tips: For a self-nurturing and hydrating experience, submerge the cloth into warm or hot water and wring excess water to create a steamy compress. Wrap around the face and leave on for a slow count of ten. For a self-nurturing and hydrating experience, after cleansing, fold a warm damp cloth in three and then wrap this around the face. Then after removal of the cloth, complete this hydration ritual with the rose mist (coming soon), and your selected Clemency Alice signature skincare products. 

Care: To avoid shrinkage and to preserve the weave of the delicate nature of the muslin cloth, hand wash and hang dry. 


Type: Face Cloth    
Vendor: Clemency Alice
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