Lavender Huile Pure - Provence

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Lavender Huile Pure - Provence

"...the smell of sun on white linen..." Dominique Roques

Size: 10ml 

This pure Lavender Oil from the Provençale region in France is a calming, comforting aroma of fresh Lavender gardens. An aromatic, fresh, vibrant and clean lavender scent.

Directions: There are many ways to use this beautiful oil. After the application of your Camellia Cleansing Infusion, add 1 drop of the LAVENDER HUILE PURE to a basin of warm water, and gently swirl the water to combine the Lavender oil with the water. Then immerse your organic muslin cloth into the basin, wring out excess water and cover the face for a slow count of three. Repeat this process two more times. To create a serene ambience in your home, simply use 3-4 drops in a vaporizer or burner. For a pure sensory harmonising experience, dispense 1-2 drops on a tissue and slowly inhale. 

Country of Origin: Provence, France

Type: Unknown Type    
Vendor: Clemency Alice
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