Traditional Pomander

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Traditional Pomander


Gift Box contains : Traditional scented Pomander  /  Small white porcelain chrysanthemum plate  /  Pomander Powder  /  Set of Instructions 

An exquisite, handcrafted pomander, naturally aged and fragrant with oriental spices and Florentine iris and taken from the traditional method of over 100 years.. Each pomander has been aged for 6 months and is a beautiful object that can be passed down as a heirloom in family tradition. When placed inside a small wooden cupboard, the wood becomes infused with its warm, soft spiced scent. 

Paired with a white porcelain Japanese decorative plate which has the texture of chrysanthemum petals. The Traditional Pomander can be used as a beautiful display piece for your home or placed in wooden cupboards and closets to repel moths and insects.  To retain its scent, the fragrance can be renewed with the Pomander Powder or displayed under a glass cloche bell jar. 



Type: Unknown Type    
Vendor: Clemency Alice
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